Emotional is a platformer made in Unreal Engine 4 (same engine as Last Bullet VR) in only 48 hours. It got nominated for the best PC game in the Brains Eden 2017 game jam that took place in Cambridge.

The jam’s theme was ‘Give and Take’ so the game consists in ‘Taking’ the colours (emotions) from the glowing containers and in ‘Giving’ them back to the rest of the world (level). You complete them once you give colour to every single cube in the stage.

Emotional is a very special game for me because the Brains Eden’s game jam was the very first game jam I took part in. The game ended up having 10 different levels. Initially we had more than 20!

In its development I took part in the core of the game itself. I was responsible of making the main mechanic, which is the hook and its rope. I also programmed the way the “containers” behaved when the player touched them and also all the traps and things that can kill you in the levels.

Download the game here!

Take a look at the repository here! (GitHub)